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It has been approved by examining corruption issues in ten EU candidate-countries that there still is a rather high level of state takeover – cases when decisions of the government are being bought in private interests – in Latvia. This fact has been acknowledged in the annual report made by the EU experts.


This report was presented in a conference that was organized by the Latvian psychotherapist association

Author: Sigma Ankrava, Prof., Dr. h. philol. ( 06.06.2002. )

   In our globalized world the exploration and preservation of ones identity has become a major problem. It affects whole countries as well as individuals. Governments create the appropriate institutions and hire highly professional advertising specialists to deal with this issue. From times long past the individual however had to deal with the problem by himself.

Aldis Krisjanis / Metropole interviews Adams Kleckins - Professor of the faculty of Social Sciences of the Latvian University.

   Professor Kleckins – a man who stands as if aside from everything else, who observes, analyses and quite often states his usually original opinion in the right time. This then is the reason for the Metropole interview. The year has come to an end and we all think about how it was and what will the future be like.

M. Is idealism still present in our society and, if someone says that he is waving the flag of idealism and everyone else should feel great about it, is he telling a lie?


Tim Sebastian:
For nearly half a century the Kremlin told the Baltic republic of Latvia what to do, but these days it seems Latvia isn't listening. Despite warnings from Russia's President, a Latvian court tried and convicted a Soviet veteran of war crimes and investigated a dozen others. Our guest today is Latvia's President. Is her country playing with fire? And does she expect the West to help her put it out?

- Vaira Vike-Freiberga, a very warm welcome to the programme.

- Thank you.
- Are you playing with fire, with the Kremlin?



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